A Privacy and Ephemeral Focused Future

Our focus in the first few months of 2018 has been understanding and addressing the biggest challenges facing Blot’re. This means taking positions on important issues concerning the future of the internet. In this note, We’ll outline Our vision and principles around building a privacy-focused future. There’s a lot to do here, and We’re committed to working openly and consulting with experts across society as We define your future.

The key to this Future are two words: privacy and ephemeral. These are by far the fastest growing words among the youth of today, and We plan to latch onto them and ride them for all they are worth. Allow us to explain.

Blot’re helps people connect over the internet. You can think of Blot’re as the cyber equivalent of a town square. But people increasingly also want to share colors privately, in what you may better understand as the cyber equivalent of your living room. We believe that privacy-focused communications are very important for an open and friendly platform like Blot’re. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and connect more naturally, to show their true colors if you will. And connecting is good! All problems with the world today can be explained by a lack of connecting and a lack of color; which is to say: a lack of Blot’re in your cyber living room and in all the other cyber rooms of your metaphorical cyber home. But how do We make Our vision of a beautifully connected and colorful world a reality?

Now, some people claim that Blot’re has lost touch. They say that Blot’re—with Our talk of cyber living-rooms—is just not with it any more, like some thirty-something billionaire bro running a global corporate state but still pretending it’s all one big fratty hackathon. Damn; that’s a low blow if We’ve ever heard one.

Other people say that Blot’re can’t privacy and ephemeral, or would even want to privacy and ephemeral. But let Us tell you right now: Blot’re has privacied and ephemeraled since Day Zero. Don’t tell us We can’t ephemeral! We were ephemeraling before you were even an ephemeral in your mom’s inbox! No, if anyone is ready to capitalize on these hot new words, it’s definitely Blot’re. And besides, where else are you gonna go? Facebook? Phht! What are you, a geriatric Russian bot or something?

Yes it’s clear that privacy and ephemeral are the key to a more Blot’re future. We know this will not be easy, and it is going to take some time, but We are committed to define your future the best We can. Here are the core principals your future will be built around:

Cyber Living Room

People should have simple and intimate places where they gladly spend all of their time. We are working hard to make sure that Blot’re is that place. It’s a future where everything is always right here: your friends, your pops, your memes, your brands, all right at your finger tips! No need to go anywhere ever again. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. You’re going to be just fine here. We will take good care of you.


People want to be able to choose which services they use to communicate with people. Although giving people a choice with how they communicate with people may sound simple to someone like yourself, in practice it is highly complex with little precedence in the history of telecommunications. But today our smartest minds are already hard at work so that people can communicate with people using their choice of Blot’re backed people communication platforms.

To achieve this, Blot’re will be focusing on interoperability. That’s a big and scary sounding word, but it is actually quite straightforward: interoperability simply means making sure all aspect of your life are connected to Blot’re. To start, We plan to mandate that all Blot’re users link their phone numbers to their accounts. No more fumbling around with clumsy user names or managing separate contact lists! That’s the kind of interoperability that We’re talking about.

Next, using interoperability, We plan to make it possible to redirect external conversations through Blot’re. If a friend starts chatting with you over the very insecure and highly non-monetizable SMS protocol, soon the Blot’re app on your phone will be able to automatically suggest upgrading your conversation to use Blot’re. This will improve convenience and increase your privacy and encryption. Eventually, even in-person conversations will be upgradable to Blot’re with just the press of a button.

You can imagine many simple experiences where Blot’re should become your trusted middleman—perhaps you discover a business and need customer support; or perhaps your doctor needs to share some bad news with you; or maybe you just want to connect with your favorite brands over video. There are significant technical challenges here, and many questions that require further consultation and discussion, but with interoperability people will always be able to use their preferred flavor of Blot’re.

Reduced Permanence

Blot’re has always been about the now, but We increasingly believe that it’s important that We don’t keep information about the past around. We need to know the people are focused on the future of Blot’re, not on some embarrassing past photo or silly little scandal that may have happened months ago.

Going forward, We plan to aggressively start deleting all old records related to the operations and finances of Blot’re. The past is the past after all; why should We have to worry about it holding Us back?

Next Steps

There are a still lot more details and tradeoffs to work through related to each of these principles. Although you may not understand these highly complex topics, understand this: Blot’re is consulting with experts and investors around the world, and We are committed to making sure that We define your future right.

Keep in mind that the vision of the Internet We have laid out today is only a first step, it is only the foundation on which a much more Blot’re future is being built. You can rest assured that our plans hardly stop at the cyber living room. Still, this foundation is important to get right. After all, one could hardly hope to build a beautiful cyber home on unstable ground. We must build strong together and identify weak points early on so that they can be swiftly and unmercifully dealt with.

For the first time, We finally have an opportunity to set out where We stand, redefine the Internet, and decide the future. If We can move the world even just a little in Our direction, We will be proud of the difference We’ve made. And you should be proud too. None of this would be possible without you. Seriously. Get ready because this is the future!